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Sunday, October 14, 2012

HONK! Celebrating the colors and crazies of Cambridge Mass.

35 and feathery high flying debates01 Because Cambridge is a honking party02 we went waving our hands and feet03 Because laughter is liberating04 as is dance05 We got our hands together to clap
06 and to Namaste07 We decked in red feathers08 in elfy greens09 and yellow shirts10 in crimson hats and art deco pants11 We dressed our men in pink
12 our kids as chicken13 and our friends came in green bunny jumpsuits14 They came in black and gold15 banging their buckets16 hungry from New York17 They came from dirty waters
18 with green rainbows19 and hoola hoops20 They stole the show with their sense of humor20121007_15481721 and stars to match their stripes22 They raided their closets and brought the hidden skeletons with mad biking skills

HONK!, a set on Flickr.

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