"Not all who wander are lost"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dunkirk: A Western New York story


My life in Dunkirk NY in pictures.

01 got there in the winter, learned how to sustain, a new place to call home 02 Gathered some wind in my sails 03 Enjoyed my solitude 04 Adopted some love 05 Learned to sail with the other boats in town 06 Welcomed spring, however binomial 07 cultivated beauty 08 enjoyed the colors 09 But I had my many layers of blues 10 Went unheard 11 curled into myself 12 Missed my flock 13 Found some golden courage lining dark, dark clouds 14 I flew high and low 15 had many a good times by the lake 16 hop skip jumped like familiar grounds 17 but some days my morale was a wounded soldier 18 shed the occassional tear 19 and I grew roots, before I realized 20 nonetheless, I stood out, in good or bad... 21 I thought about escaping many, many times 22 the Sun could not always light the omnipresent dark abyss 23 the calm was often unnerving 24 Icicles and ideas were blowing in the wind 25 a new land and a new day beckoned 26 Pondered the truth, the reason and what's beneath? 27 Finally I broke free, moved on 28 New premises are being set, new stories written, the horizon looks bright, the promises golden

28 impersonal snapshots, coordinated and labeled to commemorate 3 winters, 3 springs, 3 summers and 2 falls of sugar, spice and many things nice in the heart of Western New York.

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