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Thursday, August 13, 2009

O- HI- O

A 12 hour getaway drive along Lake Erie,New York-Pennsylvania-Ohio-Pennsylvania-New York
Grape Vineyards on Route 5 , Westfield NY
"Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt"
If you can make it to Mazza, definitely try their Ice Wine. Beer enthusiasts, drop by their distillery for a tour.

Hundreds of bikers
near Erie, PA. Proof of nice weather... summer's almost
here... yay!! (its an old post...now is more like summer's almost gone...where have all the bikers gone ?!?)
this picture is a perfect description of our day. awesome-twosome time. the car, the lake, the drive, the conversations. but yeah thats about it. nothing bloggable.
Some old farm in Ohio, on the way back from Sandusky, OH.
And finally the sun goes down.

the day flew by fast, the scary tiring journey back. no conversation, no halts. just get me home and thats all I care.

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